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City Colleges of Chicago

The UIC College of Pharmacy has partnered with the City Colleges of Chicago in a State Affiliate Programs that guarantee a select number of exceptional students admission into the PharmD degree program should these undergraduate students maintain certain academic criteria and successfully fulfill all admissions criteria and on-site interview. The affiliation program with the City Colleges is supported by the Urban Health Program-Pharmacy; once a month, a pharmacy UHP support person visits all 7 campuses that make of the City College, to offer advising and support as students matriculate into the PharmD program.

Chicago Public Schools

The College of Pharmacy-Urban Health Program continues its strong partnership with the Chicago Public School’s Career and Technical Education (CTE). The CTE are CPS schools with focused high schools dedicated to educating their students in health profession curriculum. The College of Pharmacy routinely host students from the various academies during spring break. Selected students also participate in the Urban Pipeline Program (UPP). Several of these students also participate in the internships program offered throughout the year working with faculty and staff for further exposure to the profession of pharmacy.

Rich Township 227

The College of Pharmacy-Urban Health Program has partnered with the Rich Township District 227 Career and Technical Education (CTE) program, a program that help students transition across the education continuum from high school to post-secondary education and beyond. In addition to a select group of students participating in Urban Pipeline Program, the College provides yearlong support to students who have an interest in the health profession, exposing students to pharmacy careers.

Campus Partners Heading link

The Urban Health Program in the College of Pharmacy collaborates across campus with support programs that serve historically underrepresented minority students. A few key partners are listed below: