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Mission of the Urban Health Program Heading link

The mission of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Urban Health Program (UHP),  is to recruit, retain and graduate African American/Black, Latinx, and American Indian pre-college, undergraduate pre-health, graduate and professional students with interest in the health sciences.

Sandra Oyibo

“Being in pharmacy school I spend most of my time between school and the library, and so it becomes important to have a family and support system away from home and this is what UHP has been to me. Through UHP, I have gotten the support academically and emotionally to be able to make it through pharmacy school. I have had the opportunity to mentor students, attend leadership conferences, provide health services to members of underserved communities and make lasting relationships with other UHP students like myself who share a common goal of improving healthcare in underserved communities.”

Sandra Oyibo  |  Class of 2020

Urban Health Program Goals and Objectives Heading link

  • Student Success and Results – Maximize underrepresented minority student success and outcomes at the College of Pharmacy
  • Human Resource – Optimize internal and external human capital to advance the college’s UHP mission.
  • Collaboration– Maximize collaborative relationships with internal and external partners to advance the college’s UHP mission and goals.
  • National Model – To be recognized by other colleges of pharmacy as the preeminent leader in URM student recruitment, enrollment, and graduation.